Minor Update plus New Deck Interview

25 01 2010

I know… it’s been a long time (again), but now I’ve finished studies, Vitus has been moved to a much better (and cheaper) place, I got my dream job and everything else is wonderful. Yay!

I just signed up for a Mystery School (The House of Life, run by the lovely Naomi Ozaniec). We’ll be studying Kabbalah and also it’s ”connections” to the tarot. For that I’ll be using my beloved Thoth deck; first and foremost because it’s the deck with the most appropriate symbolism for this use, but also because it’s one of the only decks I know I can stand to be looking at for a very long period.

So… since I’d already been using the Thoth for several months *insert angel smiley*, I thought I’d earned the right to buy a new deck.

I’d just found the blog owned by Kafka’s Ghost (http://kafkasghoststudiestarot.wordpress.com/), saw her posts on the Universal Fantasy deck… and fell in love (with the deck, not… never mind!). Of course I had to order it (this is where I admit that I had it a couple of years ago, where I decided it wasn’t for me and traded it… sigh! Don’t ask me what’s happened… I love it now).

ANYWAY, it just arrived in mail and after a thorough shuffle I did a New Deck Interview reading:

1. What will you teach me?

2. What shall I give to you?

3. How will we work together?

At first I had problems understanding the message of the 10 Wands, but after consulting the LWB (which isn’t good for all cards, but definitely makes sense here) I see that it’s about being able to focus on goal no matter if you’re distracted by other (heavy) things. I’d like to learn that, dear deck!!!

The 3 Cups tells me that I have to Free Myself to get the fullest of this deck. I think it’s about letting the images speak to me instead of constantly trying to make them fit, what I already think they should mean.

The Page of Cups… what a beautiful partnership this can be, huh? I guess, I’m the fish. :D


28 06 2009

Just wanted to show a few of my favorite cards from the Templar deck. Magnificent colours!!!



Vitus – a newer pic

28 06 2009


Mom’s beautiful baby…

All busy…

28 06 2009

Yes… I really have been (and am) busy; studies, work, horse and life. But I love all of it and it has helped me to move on.

Today I pulled two cards from my new Templar deck (wow!!!) and got:

61 60

Makes me think that I’ve been battling mentally and now it’s time to focus more specifically and in that way put my mind to rest.

My studies are ongoing (until November 30), but we’ve just started writing our final project, which does of course make focus essential. At the same time my work with Vitus (my horse) has started to pay off in that he has started to really ”listen” to me. He’s so cute and good at learning, so now where we’ve passed the period of just learning to stand still (!!!!!) and not run me over on our walks (the hormones and eagerness in a 3 year old horse boy!!! Jeez!!!), we can begin the more subtle training. He has given me a new life in so many ways; the relationship we have, the outdoor life, the social life at the stable… it’s all priceless and I’m grateful I got this opportunity.

Obs: Templar Tarot is created by Allen Chester

I… a witch

29 03 2009

I just got the Witches Tarot… finally. I’ve kind of wanted that deck ever since I started with tarot, but just never got around to actually buying it. I think because of the air-wands/fire-swords issue. But not too long ago I found that that’s not really an issue for me anyway, so since the deck is beautiful and is also focused on qabalah (one of my biggest interests)… well, you do the math!

I spent most of this morning reading about horse training in a fabulous book by Ute Lehmann. I LOVE her methods and way of thinking and will do my best to train Vitus the way she teaches. One of the things she suggests is using a halter made from rope. No bit. I want to do that; I want to train Vitus this soft way. And therefore I searched online for such a halter and bookmarked a site, so that I can order it on payday. Yay!

Then I pulled a card for today.


Amazing. Right?!

Keeping a clear mind

25 03 2009

Sitting here in my cigarette craving on this cold but sunny morning I pulled:

rods04 swords01

There’s definitely a lot to celebrate; I’m proud I made it this far, but I would be lying if I said I couldn’t smoke a cigarette. NOW! I won’t though and that’s what the Ace of Swords is about; keeping a clear mind and constantly focus on why I wanted to quit in the first place and why I just have to be strong this time.

These beautiful drawings always remind me to spend time in nature and after I got Vitus, that’s very easy too. I think, I’ll make myself a sandwich and eat it while watching him running around the pen.

Now if only I had that cigarette…

Monday’s draw

23 03 2009

So these are what I got on this early and wonderful spring day:

cups01 15_devil

I think I’ve got a pretty good idea, what the Devil is all about… Some weeks ago I joined a quit-smoking-group at work and today is the day we’re all going to quit; at midnight to be exact. I’ll not lie; this is going to be very hard for me. VERY! Some of you may know how it is. But I’m determined this time and I simply won’t put up with this dependancy anymore.

The Ace of Cups is telling me what the ”other side” is going to be like. This is when I can finally focus on the only thing that really matters: love. And I’m not talking about love for some boyfriend; I’m talking about love for life… the world, nature, all living beings (which would include some boyfriend, I guess… jeez!!! I don’t have TIME for that!!!). But seriously. I’ve been reading this book about manifestation and it’s all about how you just can’t expect things to manifest if you ”wish” or act from your ego and anything but love. Since God/Light/the Force, or whatever you want to name it, creates from love, you have to too in order to be on the same wavelength. Nice thought, I think. Thinking about it, these cards also symbolize exactly that: love versus ego.

Anyway… time for a cigarette. ;o)


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